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Day One - Paris

At long last, after travels around the world, I finally visit Paris.
It's not quite what I expected. I've always thought of it similar to NYC, but it's so much older, with more history, and a very different culture.

Random first thoughts:
Airport elevated moving sidewalks. I feel like I'm falling. How do elderly people ride these things?
Protests. The random smashing of windows along Champs Elysees.
Cobblestone sidewalks. Not easy for travelers with luggage.
All forms of transportation. Not just cars. Scooters everywhere.
Connections. Not so glued to cell phones. Instead, people are in sidewalk cafes. Talking.
Friendliness. Unlike the rumors I've heard, I found the French to be delightful, helpful and friendly. That was a pleasant surprise!
Dark. A fair skinned blonde, I was never mistaken as French. A very tall people, quite handsome, with dark - often curly - hair.
Fashion Fashion Everywhere. EVERYONE dresses so beautifully. It must be fun being able to dress so creatively. Loved it!

fashion in parisLovely fashions
paris older city than New York CityOlder, cultural city
people in paris enjoying the social life outsidePeople socializing outdoors
paris scootersScooters everywhere
the smashed windows of the protestorsThe aftermath of protestors


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