I love to learn about food, culture, and people - while having fun, practicing my photography, writing vignettes of our travel adventures, and being an information geek by researching EVERYTHING!!!

I am also SO committed to making the world a better place. It's not just talk.

I believe in traveling because it educates us and helps us understand we are all one.

I believe in supporting nonprofits, not only through my work, but through donations and, now, through this website.

I believe in less waste (buy long term investment products, not cheap stuff) and sustainability (buy glass, not plastic). Do you know how much clothing waste there is in the world? Billions of tons of it! Do you know how much plastic waste there is? An oceanful. And it needs to stop.

So Keeping Karma 
is part of my personal mission to also help YOU to help OTHERS to all help the WORLD.

Blessings and Keeping Karma,

Keeping Karma Founder