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Sightseeing, Riga, Latvia

Baltic's Biggest Graffiti (PHOTO COMING SOON)
This is pretty cool. Off the beaten path, so not included with the Walking Tour. It just so happened that the place we stays is RIGHT next to it!
Perkons Saule Daugava
K. Barona 114 (Tallinas), Riga, Latvia

Here's what we learned about this from "To celebrate Riga as a European Capital of Culture, in 2014 two Latvia's most renowned street artists  - Rudens Stencil and Kiwie - came together to create the biggest graffiti mural in the Baltics - 800 square meters. They used more than 1500 spray cans to create this symbolic street art that combines the ancient with the modern. The graffiti is inspired by a 1938 poster for Latvian Song Festival - one of the largest choral events in the world. "Saule Perkons Daugava" is the unofficial anthem of the festival. the graffiti you can see ancient Latvian traditional belt - Lielvarde belt - that is said to protect its wearer and has become very popular in contemporary culture.

IF YOU LOOK CLOSELY, YOU WILL SEE THE NAZI SYMBOL. The Latvians don't mean it in the same way is an ancient symbol of good will. It is important to read this blog post by a Dutch journalist who explains the use of this symbol and why it is uncomfortable for people outside of Latvia.

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