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washing clothes, Russian

Washing Machine - washing our clothes!

Laundry question of the week:

Does anyone know why the Russian machines offer up to 5 extra rinse cycles and our machines only (and even that is sometimes) offers ONE additional rinse?

Operating Instructions:
Ok, so Allan is clearly not as picky as I am about the settings with my clothes. It has to be the right amount of time, right temperature, right scrubbing action ...right girls?

What to do when faced with these dials?
2016-06-17_karma travel washing machine russian

First, here is the User's Manual. If you're traveling and can't find the Manual for the particular model you're using, this is similar enough that you can pretty much figure it out.

Here's the dial part in English:

Water temperature: Below 30C is "cold water". 30C is the least hot water with 95C being hottest.

Most of these places have tiny hot water heaters and you're lucky to get through a hot shower, so it's likely you're clothes will be washed in cold no matter which you select!

Spin Speed: The machines we used also have "600". That seems to be the default setting, so that was the spin setting I mostly used.


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