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The Big Mac vs. Tea Challenge

Have you ever participated in a McDonald’s Big Mac eating contest. I’m guessing most of you will say “no”. Well neither have I, but two people I know have (who will remain nameless to protect the innocent). Here's how it went down: Nameless son-in-law baits nameless father-in-law into a Mac eating contest under one condition: that the nameless father-in-law agrees to drink a cup of tea. While this part of the challenge seems innocuous to the casual observer, it this case, said recipient of the tea HATES tea. Sorry, ABHORS tea. 
Lessons learned from this challenge:
The dangers:
Challenges like this make you look like crazy people 
Your at risk of choking
Realizing how calm family members are when you’re choking
The rewards:
Uncontrollable laughter
Entertaining other tables at McDonalds
Receiving charity from strangers (notice the young man who brings extra napkins to our table)
Let the games begin!

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