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The Joy of Making One Big Change Every New Year 

For the past few years, I've been a part of Coach Tony's Heavy Mental Training Program. Each January the program provides structure and advice on creating "One Big Change" in your life (instead of making a bunch of meaningless resolutions).

This program over the years has helped me achieve some of my goals and, in some cases, realize I need to change some of my goals. It has helped me be more focused, have structure in my life, be more positive and, as a result, be more productive.

What changes do YOU want to see? Do you "start" resolutions but never quite complete them? If you think some guidance can help you actually ACHIEVE your big change, then check out this program. Five days a week you receive modules and guidance. What I love is you can literally participate when you have the time and not participate when you don't because all the exercises are self-contained. The program has already helped me and I expect over time it will help me even more!

To check it out, visit: HEAVY MENTAL TRAINING PROGRAM VIP Program

For extra credit: Here's an article by Tony (the CEO of that explains just what goes into making your BIG CHANGE happen. Read it here ... good reading!

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