From homemade holiday cookies to exotic meats in Kenya, we love eating adventures. And, of course, there is our annual trip to mecca (otherwise known as the Gourmet Food Show). Don't miss our musings on the foods we eat!

san francisco gourmet food show

2017 Trends at San Francisco Fancy Food Show

Are you a foodie? We are ... and we've just made our annual trek to the San Francisco Gourmet Food Show!

After scouring the show, here are some of the trends we're seeing:

Sriracha - Wow! Saw a lot of chips, crackers, candy and other foods flavored with Sriracha. It's definitely become quite popular! Even so, while I like it here and there, I'm not a big fan, so I don't have any amazing finds on this category.

Honey - There were quite a few honey companies. For me the problem is each bottle of honey I buy takes about 10 years to use (lol) so it's just not a product I get excited about. That said, I find the variety of flavor fascinating and would love to be a bit more of a honey connoisseur.

The Standards - There are always massive amounts of popcorn and chip companies (bean, potatoes, quinoa, etc, etc.). We'll be doing some tasting on what we brought home and will let you know if there are any winners.

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