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kitchen tip on loading dishwashers

How to properly load a dishwasher

What household hasn't battled over how to load the dishwasher? There are what I deem the "lazy" people that just throw stuff in and waste room. I mean, shouldn't every dishwash run be effectively organized and maximized. ;-) Then there are the people that put the silverware down instead of up. Or people that block the water from flowing throughout this wondrous machine by putting large things on the bottom that cover the water spraying around. And, then of course, there is the age old argument on whether you should "wash" your dishes BEFORE you put them in the dishwasher, i.e., rinse off all the food and nastiness.

But is there really a "right" way to load a dishwasher? I'll let you decide, but this article "This is the right way to load your dishwasher" succinctly covers the major points. One thing I DO know, I load the dishwasher perfectly.

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