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We all need to LIVE LIFE mindfully, fully and lovingly. Give thought to HOW you live. Give thought to the people in your life. To your body and health. To the things you purchase. To how you use your time.

Amazon Echo and Speakers
Are you confused/curious about Echo, UE, and this whole class of speakers that are magical and, in some cases, even talk back to you? A friend turned me on to the wonders of the UE speakers, but then I got curious as to the difference between these and Amazon Echo and which was "better". This is a great article that describes the pros and cons of the Amazon Echo

Based on this - we want something we can cart from one level to the next in our 3 level home. It's a pain to have to plug and unplug, plus, with our mobile phones, I can already access weather and news easily. So, for now, we're going to give the UE a try. If YOU also want to consider the UE but can't decide between the Boom and MegaBoom, Read this.

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