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No child labor in carpet making

Buy Child-Labor-Free Carpets

While a beautiful, handmade rug is something to be proud about, it's certainly not worth celebrating if your carpet has been made with child labor. Around the world, many youth are forced into child labor in this industry.

You can help end child labor by doing the following:

1. Buy carpets with a Child-Labor-Free Certification. To earn the GoodWeave label, rug exporters and importers can be licensed and must sign a contract that they will adhere to the standards. To learn more, visit Child Labor Free Certification.

2. Purchase a GoodWeave certified rug. When you purchase a certified rug, not only is your rug likely a higher quality (a skilled adult weaver is far more skilled at knotting than a child), but you are also putting your money where your mouth is ... that child labor is not acceptable. Find Retailers and Showrooms.

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