This blog isn't about luxury products or finding the cheapest "deal" out there. It's about products that are green and sustainable without breaking the bank. It's about eliminating WASTE, protecting the ENVIRONMENT, and getting VALUE! I research and comparison shop on practically every purchase I make -- and now I'm sharing all my hard work with you.

How and When to Buy Sets

When To Buy The Whole Set Of Products

A word of caution regarding buying sets. Invariably, when you buy sets of anything, you get things that you don't need. After a half of century of acquiring and collecting possessions, I can tell you the day comes when you think, "why do I have all the stuff"? It becomes clutter. Our philosophy at Keeping Karma is to buy ONLY what you need and/or love (like art or the clothing you wear). 

Here is our motto: focus on investing MORE money in few items. In other words, instead of buying a cheaper quality of pots and pans because you get "more", buy two or three high quality pots and pans that you will really love and use!

Here is an article that discusses sets vs. individual pots.

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