This blog isn't about luxury products or finding the cheapest "deal" out there. It's about products that are green and sustainable without breaking the bank. It's about eliminating WASTE, protecting the ENVIRONMENT, and getting VALUE! I research and comparison shop on practically every purchase I make -- and now I'm sharing all my hard work with you.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

How To Buy A Diffuser

I love the idea of a diffuser as a gift because it's the kind of thing most people don't think of buying for themselves! So this year, I had one sent for Christmas to my aunt. As with most things, when I went to order, there were a lot of choices - none of which I knew anything about. A little research turned up this great article .... I wasn't looking at the actual product reviews in this article since I bought the diffuser from Vitamin Shoppe (in order to snag free shipping), but I did want to figure out which type of diffuser works "the best". Read this and you too can become a wiz on diffusers!  Here is the one I decided to go with: My Aunt's Aromatherapy Diffuser.

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