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How to Cook Beans

How to cook beansIf you're like me and you love beans - especially a nice, warm bowl of bean soup smiley - you'll love this article about HOW to cook beans. The recipes always say to soak them overnight, but I just don't plan ahead that way. Plus, the times I've cooked them without overnight soaking, they seemed fine.

So I was excited to see this article that tests out the myths of cooking beans.

Epicurious's Myth-Busting Guide to Cooking Beans

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I like beans, too, especially coffee beans (just kidding). A warm bean soup is the best in cold weather. And there are plenty of beans for so many kinds of soup. Each countries as different kind of cooking beans so the number of dish could be hundred. Do you know is the main command used by all the routers and modem brands.
Posted by Lily on 03/10/2020 04:52AM